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Warum KÖFEN?

KÖFEN the new innovation for Aluminum Doors & Windows work by the profile of KÖFEN style that designed to make aluminum work more beautiful by curve framing style, European style with high quality and modern. We created doors, windows, skylight and all aluminum products to make your house is the best place for you.

All products produced by the specialist. We was focus in all details, production process and selected high quality material and equipment. It will be resist in all weather condition for long life using. Doors & Windows KÖFEN use multi point lock so that you will be confident on safety. It was special design for water leakage protection and also it has the noise protection as well.

10 reasons to choose KÖFEN Aluminium Windows & Doors

10 Years Guarantee

10 Years Guarantee for Structure and Hardware.




You will confident with multi point lock , strength and safety.

100% water leakage protection

100% water leakage protection with double seal system and track system with water draining space that make the water flow out backward.

Stainless steel wheels system

Stainless steel wheels system, grade 304, big size, can receive the weight 150-200 kgs./each.



Aluminum Profile

Aluminum thickness 1.5-3.5 mm.




European style

New design, curved , European style under international standard.



Powder coating

Powder coating on aluminum with JOTUN standard colors.



Sahara effect

Upgrade by increasing the beauty style with Sahara effect and Oasis of colors by JOTUN.

many glasses

We have many glasses for you to select such as green glass light shade, tempered glass, laminated glass, the thickness of glass can select from 6-20 mm.

stainless steel hardware equipments

Special design stainless steel hardware equipments, new handle that design easy for using , handed, beautiful and endurance, EPDM rubber resists to all weather sunny resistant and long life using.

Aluminium is a very light metal, about 65% lighter than steel or cast iron. It has a very high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. One of the oldest recorded uses of aluminium is the statue of Eros in London, cast in 1893.

The properties of aluminium - a sustainable material:

  • Low whole life costs - compared to other materials
  • Lightweight, durable and non-corrodible
  • Designed to fully accommodate thermal movement at every joint
  • Easy to handle and fix
  • Life expectancy of aluminium: 40 years (rural/suburban areas); up to 25 years (industrial/marine areas)
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable

10 years guarantee

KÖFEN using Powder Coating System.

We have our powder coating room in our factory that can create the variety of color to the products according to your needs. With High Tech machinery and equipment can make the beautiful bold colors shine aluminum, scratch  resistant in all weather conditions such as air pollution, beach weather or sunny areas, hot weather in Asia.

We selected JOTUN high standard paint that has been accepted for all over the world in the high standard quality and variety of colors.

powder coating

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